Take a Break, Please

Fallison Lake, WI
Fallison Lake, WI

We all desire a vacation.  In today’s demanding and hectic world, vacation seems out of reach for most of us. It always seems like we can’t find the time to get away.   We make the excuse of not having enough money or having too many commitments, and we always push away the sought-after idea of vacation.  This summer, I’m interning at two different jobs and working as a tour guide for Marquette.  I also took a summer class.  Three jobs and school – not ideal for summer break.  I’ve been working 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. all summer, and barely have the motivation to get out and hang with my friends afterwards.  I needed a break, but didn’t think I could get away from my obligations.

My family was planning a week-long camping trip to our favorite campground in Sayner, Wisconsin and I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to attend.  “I have work,” I kept telling my parents.  “There’s no way I can miss out on a week’s worth of pay and hours.”  The long work weeks dreaded on as fun vacation plans were being discussed in the house.  As I was ready to go to bed by 8 p.m., my mom was planning fun campfire meals and my dad was buying new fishing lures.  I felt that my adult life of “no life” had begun at age twenty.

A few days before my family was packed up and ready to leave, I got fed up with myself and my #internlife and decided to change my plans and make an appearance up north.  With a surprise day off for 4th of July weekend, I had an extra day in my schedule.  I immediately proposed the idea of driving myself five hours after work Thursday to meet my family for a weekend of vacation.  I HAD to get away from the hours of sitting in front of a computer, seeing the same people each day, and being in the hustle bustle of Milwaukee.  The parents approved, and I immediately got excited.

If you have never taken a road trip alone, you should do it.  Seriously, it’s relaxing and you get to be ALONE!  Even if you’re an extreme extrovert and have to be around people 24/7, try it.  Everyone needs alone time.  You can blast your favorite music as loud as you want, or sit in silence and just drive.  Make a stop at Culver’s and get cheese curds, too!  Who cares?!

The key to taking a break and getting away is to drive far, far away.  As I made it up north into the true wilderness of Wisconsin, I became at ease.  Gorgeous hills filled with pine trees surrounded me as lakes popped up along the highway every few miles.  I truly was away from the city.  Sleeping at night with the sounds of frogs and crickets, and waking up to the sounds of birds and lake water was literally a dream.  It was something that I never truly appreciated as a child camping.

I hiked, canoed, fished, slept, and ate.  What more could I ask for? Even though my little vacation lasted all of three days, it was still enough to get me refreshed and relaxed.  “Much needed,” as we would all say.

Even if your life is crazy busy and you literally feel as though you are trapped in your work, family or school, forget about it.  Think about life in the big picture – you can take a break whenever you want, so do it.  Nobody can stop you but yourself.  Go out there, say you’re taking vacation, and just go (unless your boss will fire you, then don’t go).  Even if it’s simply a three-day weekend up north, it is worth it.  Take the time to appreciate yourself and the world around you.  Do something you like to do, or do something you miss doing.  We are hard-working people in today’s society, and we deserve a break! So take a break, please.